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Yves Cord BraceletYves Cord Bracelet
Yves Cord Bracelet Sale price€49,00 EUR

2 colors available

Yaileen NecklaceYaileen Necklace
Yaileen Necklace Sale price€59,00 EUR
Sold outYves RingYves Ring
Yves Ring Sale price€49,00 EUR
Ylenia NecklaceYlenia Necklace
Ylenia Necklace Sale price€69,00 EUR
Yves StudsYves Studs
Yves Studs Sale price€39,00 EUR
Yamille BraceletYamille Bracelet
Yamille Bracelet Sale price€59,00 EUR
Yves BraceletYves Bracelet
Yves Bracelet Sale price€45,00 EUR
Yvonne EarringsYvonne Earrings
Yvonne Earrings Sale price€49,00 EUR

2 colors available

Yvie CuffYvie Cuff
Yvie Cuff Sale price€55,00 EUR
Yade NecklaceYade Necklace
Yade Necklace Sale price€99,00 EUR

2 colors available

Yves HoopsYves Hoops
Yves Hoops Sale price€45,00 EUR
Yfke BraceletYfke Bracelet
Yfke Bracelet Sale price€55,00 EUR
Yve RingYve Ring
Yve Ring Sale price€59,00 EUR
Yara RingYara Ring
Yara Ring Sale price€45,00 EUR
Yael HoopsYael Hoops
Yael Hoops Sale price€49,00 EUR
Yfke EarringsYfke Earrings
Yfke Earrings Sale price€45,00 EUR
Yasmin NecklaceYasmin Necklace
Yasmin Necklace Sale price€79,00 EUR
Yamara Ear CuffYamara Ear Cuff
Yamara Ear Cuff Sale price€39,00 EUR
Yelena EarringsYelena Earrings
Yelena Earrings Sale price€45,00 EUR
Yvette RingYvette Ring
Yvette Ring Sale price€39,00 EUR