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Article: Non Tarnish? We got you!

Non Tarnish? We got you!


The majority of Boutique Minimaliste pieces are produced in gold plated stainless steel. What does this mean? Our jewelry won't loose it's color!

Our GOLD, STAYS GOLD. Yes, even with showers, lotions, etc...

Stainless steel is a highly durable metal, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities, even during an alcohol-gel-pandemic-wash-your-hands-100-times-an-hour-kind-of-day. 

Our stainless steel jewelry resists tarnish and corrosion thanks to an invisible layer of chromium that prevents oxidation. Stainless steel can be used for many different applications such as surgical and medical tools, aerospace applications, and architecture. But it’s also used to make jewelry and because the metal is corrosion and heat-resistant, it can make a great addition to your jewelry box. 

Our stainless steel jewelry can withstand the sun and the sea. It really takes the stress away from remembering to take off your jewelry in the shower or working-out! 

We only work with high-quality, enduring materials. Our jewelry is made to last with high-quality metals and plating.

If your piece is made entirely from Stainless Steel, (with no faux pearls, rhinestones or any other material) feel free to live your life to the fullest with it. You can wash your hands, take a bath, do your normal life. Even use the alcohol gel we all keep in our bags these days.

Maintaining Stainless Steel jewelry is so easy as you won't have to have special cleaning solution to care for your jewelry. Just use warm water and liquid soap to keep your stainless steel jewelry good as new. 

Keep in mind that NOT ALL our pieces are made from stainless steel, it's always stated on the description of each piece if they are. 



ALSO: Stainless steel is the most environmentally-friendly metal option in the jewelry world. In the production process, the amount of energy used and waste produced is dramatically less than in the production of other metals for jewelry. It is also 100% recyclable.


Other - more delicate - stainless steel pieces:

Some pieces are mode delicate with vintage pearls, rhinestones, gemstones, etc. If this is the case, please, avoid perfumes, lotions, oils, water or any substances that may harm those pieces. Take these pieces off your jewelry when adding makeup, swimming, sleeping and exercising. After each wear, gently wipe with a soft jewelry cloth and keep safe.


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