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The majority of Boutique Minimaliste pieces are produced in stainless steelStainless steel is a highly durable metal, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities, meaning a longer life than most jewelry brands provide. It is the most environmentally-friendly metal option in the jewelry world. In the production process, the amount of energy used and waste produced is dramatically less than in the production of other metals for jewelry. It is also 100% recyclable.

We make sure most of our packaging is recyclable or recycled and comes from sustainable, responsible sources. Our boxes are made of FSC approved cardboard. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. These boxes can then be reused or easily recycled. We provide either black cardboard boxes or 100% recycled plastic boxes and satin jewelry pouches to store your jewelry (and travel). To protect the jewelry inside the boxes, we add  black no-chemicals (anti-tarnish) tissue paper. This way we can make sure everything is useful, reusable or recyclable, reducing the amount of discarded waste massively.

Even though it would be lovely to offer express delivery, unfortunately that is not ecological - that is why our shipping takes a bit longer than Amazon. Our orders are shipped once a week and our weekly orders are shipped in bulk, this makes sure of a lot less flights and travels per order.

Returning products comes with an enormous environmental price tag attached. When you ship your returns, the climate is impacted in three stages: logistics, intentional returns, and post-production. This is why we do not offer free returns. The price tag for the planet earth is just too high. Instead make sure you really love the pieces you have in your cart, choose the right sizes, check product descriptions for materials, lengths, etc before placing your order, making sure you’ll love your new Boutique Minimaliste jewelry.

Internally, we have a recycling policy in place. Simple steps like investing in low-energy lighting, unplugging equipment when not in use, utilizing recycled office supplies, and having re-usable water bottles and mugs at disposal are a part of our office policies.

Sustainability is an area where every effort counts. Being good to the environment and reducing wasteful and harmful practices is a shared responsibility. Sustainable consumption is a core part of the shopping experience here at Boutique Minimaliste, empowering people to make choices that align with their values.

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