Non Tarnish? We got you! | Boutique Minimaliste

Non Tarnish? We got you!

  The majority of Boutique Minimaliste pieces are produced in gold plated stainless steel. What does this mean? Our jewelry won't loose it's color!...

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Happy Earth Day! | Boutique Minimaliste

Happy Earth Day!

Sustainability is very important to us, from our recyclable packaging, to the materials we choose to make our pieces. Here's a snippet of what to ...

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NB x BM - ICON pieces | Boutique Minimaliste

NB x BM - ICON pieces

  The pieces that you find here are unique items created with Nicole Ballardini, especially for our collaboration. These pieces are sold out now an...

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An ode to Nancy Sinatra | Boutique Minimaliste

An ode to Nancy Sinatra

Inspired by the iconic song by Nancy Sinatra, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), an ode to one of the inspirational singers of all time. A  gorgeous...

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Hi I'm Totoro! | Boutique Minimaliste

Hi I'm Totoro!

We'd like to show you a sneak peek of our studi... We mean.. Our... cat. His name is Totoro and he's a blue scottish fold.

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