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Gabri Layering Clasp

Sale price€19,00 EUR


Get ready for tangle-free layering with the Gabri Layering clasps! No more clasping and unclasping individual necklaces each time you put them on or take them off. 

► Gold plated stainless steel with a magnet inside.
► Clasps available in 3 styles: For 2, 3 or 4 necklaces. 
► Sizes: 2 hoops: 1.5cm | 3 hoops: 2cm | 4 hoops: 2.5cm. 

How to use the Gabri Layering Clasp:
Choose how many necklaces you want to layer and choose the clasp accordingly. 
Attach each end of your first necklace to the sides of the clasp, starting at the bottom, and then repeat for your other necklaces.
Pull the magnetic clasp apart and reattach it around your neck.

Part of Nicole Ballardini's 'G Collection'.

Gabri Layering Clasp - Boutique Minimaliste has waterproof, durable, elegant and vintage inspired jewelry
Gabri Layering Clasp Sale price€19,00 EUR