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Summer Collection 24

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Nautilus Shell RingNautilus Shell Ring
Nautilus Shell Ring Sale price€69,00 EUR
Statement Organic RingStatement Organic Ring
Statement Organic Ring Sale price€65,00 EUR
Entangled Pearls BraceletEntangled Pearls Bracelet
Entangled Pearls Bracelet Sale price€79,00 EUR
Clover & Pearl Drop EarringsClover & Pearl Drop Earrings
Clover & Pearl Drop Earrings Sale price€49,00 EUR
Delicate Clovers NecklaceDelicate Clovers Necklace
Delicate Clovers Necklace Sale price€49,00 EUR
Wave Pearls HoopsWave Pearls Hoops
Wave Pearls Hoops Sale price€65,00 EUR
Straw BraceletStraw Bracelet
Straw Bracelet Sale price€55,00 EUR
Baroque Pearls NecklaceBaroque Pearls Necklace
Baroque Pearls Necklace Sale price€69,00 EUR
Entangled Pearls HoopsEntangled Pearls Hoops
Entangled Pearls Hoops Sale price€69,00 EUR
Wave CuffWave Cuff
Wave Cuff Sale price€49,00 EUR
Cascade NecklaceCascade Necklace
Cascade Necklace Sale price€59,00 EUR
Delicate Freswater Pearls Long EarringsDelicate Freswater Pearls Long Earrings
Clover CuffClover Cuff
Clover Cuff Sale price€45,00 EUR
Delicate Clover AnkletDelicate Clover Anklet
Delicate Clover Anklet Sale price€45,00 EUR

2 colors available

Clovers NecklaceClovers Necklace
Clovers Necklace Sale price€59,00 EUR

2 colors available

Clover HoopsClover Hoops
Clover Hoops Sale price€49,00 EUR
Clover PiercingClover Piercing
Clover Piercing Sale price€35,00 EUR

2 colors available

Delicate Clover RingDelicate Clover Ring
Delicate Clover Ring Sale price€49,00 EUR
Wave RingWave Ring
Wave Ring Sale price€45,00 EUR
Straw AnkletStraw Anklet
Straw Anklet Sale price€55,00 EUR
Wave & Pearl Drop EarringsWave & Pearl Drop Earrings
Wave & Pearl Drop Earrings Sale price€49,00 EUR
Double HoopsDouble Hoops
Double Hoops Sale price€49,00 EUR
Wave & Pearls EarringsWave & Pearls Earrings
Wave & Pearls Earrings Sale price€45,00 EUR
Statement XL HoopsStatement XL Hoops
Statement XL Hoops Sale price€49,00 EUR
Mesh & Mother of Pearl NecklaceMesh & Mother of Pearl Necklace
Mesh & Mother of Pearl Necklace Sale price€55,00 EUR
Wave Ear CuffWave Ear Cuff
Wave Ear Cuff Sale price€35,00 EUR