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Two Tone Link BraceletTwo Tone Link Bracelet
Two Tone Link Bracelet Sale price€59,00 EUR
Marquise Cut Cubic Zirconia RingMarquise Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring
Marquise Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring Sale price€49,00 EUR

2 colors available

Two Tone Strap CuffTwo Tone Strap Cuff
Two Tone Strap Cuff Sale price€45,00 EUR
Black Baguette Cut Cubic zirconiaBlack Baguette Cut Cubic zirconia
Black Baguette Cut Cubic zirconia Sale price€39,00 EUR
Two Tone Link RingTwo Tone Link Ring
Two Tone Link Ring Sale price€65,00 EUR
Tahitian Black Pearls & Chain NecklaceTahitian Black Pearls & Chain Necklace
Enamel Clover StudsEnamel Clover Studs
Enamel Clover Studs Sale price€45,00 EUR

2 colors available

Cubic Zirconia Clover RingCubic Zirconia Clover Ring
Cubic Zirconia Clover Ring Sale price€65,00 EUR
Black Cubic Zirconias NecklaceBlack Cubic Zirconias Necklace
Black Cubic Zirconias Necklace Sale price€55,00 EUR
Rosary Chain Clover NecklaceRosary Chain Clover Necklace
Rosary Chain Clover Necklace Sale price€55,00 EUR
Black Enamel Clover NecklaceBlack Enamel Clover Necklace
Black Enamel Clover Necklace Sale price€49,00 EUR
Two Tone HuggiesTwo Tone Huggies
Two Tone Huggies Sale price€49,00 EUR
Two Tone Knot RingTwo Tone Knot Ring
Two Tone Knot Ring Sale price€65,00 EUR
Black Enamel RingBlack Enamel Ring
Black Enamel Ring Sale price€35,00 EUR
Double Side Clover NecklaceDouble Side Clover Necklace
Double Side Clover Necklace Sale price€65,00 EUR
Cubic Zirconias HoopsCubic Zirconias Hoops
Cubic Zirconias Hoops Sale price€45,00 EUR

2 colors available

Black Enamel and Cubic Zirconia HuggiesBlack Enamel and Cubic Zirconia Huggies
Entwined Cubic Zirconia HoopsEntwined Cubic Zirconia Hoops
Entwined Cubic Zirconia Hoops Sale price€40,00 EUR
Snake Chain and Onyx NecklaceSnake Chain and Onyx Necklace
Snake Chain and Onyx Necklace Sale price€55,00 EUR
Tiny Black Cubic Zirconias RingTiny Black Cubic Zirconias Ring
Tiny Black Cubic Zirconias Ring Sale price€39,00 EUR
Snake Chain and Onyx BraceletSnake Chain and Onyx Bracelet
Snake Chain and Onyx Bracelet Sale price€40,00 EUR